Salmon and Mushrooms and Broccoli, Oh My!

Well, now that my life is settling down, it’s probably time to get back to my cooking adventure. I’m slightly ashamed to say that it was way too easy to let cooking for myself be the first thing to go when life got even a little hectic. But one awesome new development is having another (and better) cook in the house!

Still, I’ve remembered occasionally to take pics when I do cook something (or when my fella does), so here are some new faves:

Mushrooms + herbs + balsamic

Mushrooms + herbs + balsamic

Roasted Mushroom Medley

This one was inspired by Pinterest one night when our fridge was running on empty and I needed to get creative. Instead of a medley of mushrooms, I only used the baby bellas I had in the fridge. I went nuts with the garlic, pulled some fresh herbs (rosemary from our garden and sage from our neighbors), and splashed as much balsamic as felt right. Instead of parsley, I used a small bit of cilantro, since that’s what we had readily available. I usually hate the taste of cilantro (I’m being forced to adjust to it since my boyfriend eats it on almost everything), but with this is worked. Definitely a new go-to appetizer!





Salmon + Broccoli + Zucchini... on the grill!

Salmon + Broccoli + Zucchini… on the grill!

Grilled Salmon and Broccoli 

My boyfriend decided to surprise me when I got home from work one night. I have no idea how he spiced the salmon. All I know is, it was amazing. Along with the broccoli (wrapped in tin foil and placed on the top of the grill while the salmon is going), some deliciously juicy zucchini, it was perfection.

Grilling makes everything great.




Do Chives Have Flavor?

This morning I woke up and realized I hadn’t prepared my lunch. Welcome to the adjustment period after a long-weekend.


I don’t even remember why I bought these

While I made my standard egg & provolone breakfast omelet, I defrosted a salmon filet and sauteed some mushrooms, onions and garlic. Salmon has always been one of my go-to favorites. Honestly though, with my limited maneuvers around the kitchen, I only know two ways to cook it: throw it in the pan with the sautee, or plop it onto my George Foreman.

In my morning rush, I opted for the former. Despite not knowing how, I REALLY wanted to spruce it up. So I rummaged around my small spice collection and opted to toss in some freeze-dried chives instead of the usual dill.

Well, I just finished eating my lunch and… I have no idea if I even tasted the chives. It really just tasted like salmon with mushrooms and onions. Am I missing something? Are chives just for decoration?