Do Chives Have Flavor?

This morning I woke up and realized I hadn’t prepared my lunch. Welcome to the adjustment period after a long-weekend.


I don’t even remember why I bought these

While I made my standard egg & provolone breakfast omelet, I defrosted a salmon filet and sauteed some mushrooms, onions and garlic. Salmon has always been one of my go-to favorites. Honestly though, with my limited maneuvers around the kitchen, I only know two ways to cook it: throw it in the pan with the sautee, or plop it onto my George Foreman.

In my morning rush, I opted for the former. Despite not knowing how, I REALLY wanted to spruce it up. So I rummaged around my small spice collection and opted to toss in some freeze-dried chives instead of the usual dill.

Well, I just finished eating my lunch and… I have no idea if I even tasted the chives. It really just tasted like salmon with mushrooms and onions. Am I missing something? Are chives just for decoration?

2 thoughts on “Do Chives Have Flavor?

  1. Salmon has a very strong flavor of its own, while chives are very light, especially if you were using dried, so it is believable that you really didn’t taste much of the chive. I really like using lemon, or lemon pepper seasoning on salmon. Another good alternative for fish can be tarragon or thyme. 🙂

    • That’s great to know, thank you! I’ll try the lemon pepper seasoning next time I make the salmon… which will probably be later this week 😉

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